Dear Participants,

The Berlin Summit on Robotics will bring together leading researchers in robotics and related areas to discuss and tackle strategic challenges in robotics research.  While conferences and other professional meetings are hectic and dominated by conversations about technical details, the Berlin Summit aims to create an atmosphere in which big ideas can spring to life and grow into strategic initiatives for the robotics community.

The Berlin Summit 2022 will take place from July 26 until July 28, 2022. 

We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by the Cluster of Excellence "Science of Intelligence".  Science of Intelligence (SCIoI) brings together researchers from Psychology, Behavioral Biology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Educational Science, Robotics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Control to investigate the fundamental principles underlying intelligent behavior.

We are looking forward to our discussions in Berlin!

Amanda Prorok, Gaurav Sukhatme, Matt Mason, Oliver Brock